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Sunday, December 19, 2010

My husband is a worldly man.  He's always aware of social issues and concerns and actively looks for ways to help others.  So the other day while I was in the kitchen making dinner,  my husband was watching ABC News in the other room.   I kept hearing the word "Plumpy Doz" wafting from the television speakers.  Huh? Intrigued, I abandoned the dishes and nestled in on the couch to view the ABC series, "Be the Change, Save a Life" with the family.  So what are Plumpy Doz, you ask?

Plumpy Doz is a product used by the World Food Programme to fight malnurishment in developing countries. A mixture of peanuts paste, vegetable fat, skimmed milk powder, whey and other vital ingredients, a small tub packs a one-two punch toward world hunger.

Parents of children ages 6-59 months provide them with a small spoonful of Plumby Doz a few times a day to ward off malnutrition and combat their susceptibility to disease, infection and impaired cognitive function.

Just $15 supplies a child with a month supply of life-saving nutrients. One less present under the tree can literally change a life. For more information please visit Find out how you can make a difference this holiday season.

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