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Monday, April 11, 2011

Meet Me Mondays ~ Author Interview, CINDY JACKS

Please welcome multi-published author, Cindy Jacks, to the spotlight.   Cindy has over a dozen published works, in multiple genres, and has recently been accepted for additional works. Wow! She’s one crazy-busy gal ;)

Thanks so much for hosting me today, Kienna. I’m thrilled to be here!

Q1. Cindy, you have experience with multiple publishers (Ellora’s Cave, Cobblestone Press, Wild Child Publishing, and more) for your twelve titles, what words of wisdom can you share with other writers about the publisher selection process?

The two most important thing to consider when selecting a publisher are the genres they specialize in and professionalism. Some publishers have built readerships that prefer paranormal romance, some specialize in erotica, some specialize in mystery/suspense, etc. Choosing a publisher that comes with a following interested in the genre you write is a win/win situation.

As for professionalism, that sounds like a no-brainer, but all too often authors are so eager to get their work published, they jump at any publisher who shows interest. But unfortunately there are lots of fly-by-night e-publishers and some run by people who just don’t have a head for business. Submit your work to the biggest and most respected publishers you can, don’t be afraid to take that leap. You’ll save yourself a world of frustration!

Q2. What is your writing process? Do you write every day? Do you write in chunks? In your living room? At a café? With a cat your lap?

As a general rule, I write every day—there are exceptions, like when I’m under the weather or my son has a particularly busy Saturday or when I make the mistake of purchasing a new video game, LOL. I can write just about anywhere, but I usually do it in my little office nook by the kitchen. Lately I’ve taken to sitting on a balance ball as opposed to in a regular chair. It’s done wonders for my core muscles, plus I get in a little exercise while chained to my laptop.

I’m very much a plotter, I have to see the entire story from beginning to end. That being said, I have no trouble jumping around within the outline, working on different scene out of sequence. Whatever chapter speaks to me that day—that the chapter I work on.

Q3. For readers meeting you for the first time, which of your titles would you recommend they read and why?

For fans of erotic romance, I think Love Game and Waking Maggie are two great titles to start with. They’re both chock full of sensuality, romance, and very sexy heroes, but there’s also a lot of real emotion and vulnerability on the part of the heroines. I think the average woman can identify with their insecurities and wants.

If paranormal romance is your cup of tea, I recommend my Four Brothers Clan series. It revolves around four sexy wolf-shifters whose clan is under attack by a powerful and mysterious force. Not only do the critics loved the series, but it’s gaining it’s own fan base. I have folks on Facebook who debate which brother is the hottest. Personally, I love all four of them. And I’m excited to announce that the third book in the series, Cry Wolf, has been contracted by Cobbleston Press for release later this year!

Q4.  Waking Maggie, is an Ellora’s Cave Quickie that features a super hot 27 year old, Calvin, and a 40 year old, Maggie. You also have a few other titles in your “love after 30” category, All the Good Men, Love Game, and Leap.  What can readers find (and enjoy) in these titles? Are they all cougar themed? Or is the message that love (and the fun) doesn’t end in your 20s?

Of all my “love after 30” books, only Waking Maggie revolves around an older woman with a younger man and Maggie’s sort of an accidental cougar. She wasn’t looking for a younger man, she just happened to run into one—literally.

The other titles feature heroines and heroes who are both in the their thirties or forties. As I age, I find love and romance is more sophisticated and deliciously complicated than it was in my 20s. I’ve been told by readers and reviewers that these books give them hope. Romance, sex, and fun doesn’t end in your 20s—if anything I think it gets better with age.

Q5. What do you like most about being a published author?

I love connecting with readers. It’s the best feeling to hear that I’ve helped someone escape a stressful day or find hope for love. One reader said the Four Brothers Clan series made her want to slap her husband and buy another of my books, LOL. Not that I’m advocating violence against hubbies, but let’s face it, day-to-day life is boring and montonous and stressful. If I can help a reader escape all that, even for just a few hours, I feel like a total success.

Q6. As authors, we aim to have a style and a voice that is unique to our name.  When we CINDY JACKS on the cover, what can readers expect?

I think my slogan—Fiction for the bad girl in every woman—says it all. And I mean “bad girl” in a very positive way. With every book, I explore and celebrate female sexuality in all its forms. I also strive to strip sex and romance down to those rare, but beautiful moments when two people connect without barriers, without boundaries, when they are at their most vulnerable. Nothing fascinates me more and I hope to continue exploring love and passion for years to come!

Q7. How may your readers/fans contact you?

Twitter: @CindyJacks

Commenter Prizes!!!

Cindy ~ Do you have any free reads or other items for one lucky commenter?

I do! I’ll be giving away a copy of my latest release, Waking Maggie! Thank you so much, Kienna, for having me as your guest. I’ve enjoyed spending this time with you!


Tabitha Shay said...

Great interview, Cindy...Hot covers, too....Hugs....Tabs

Cassie Exline said...

The bad girl who writes great stories. Your shifter series has caught my attention. Great interview, Cindy.

Harlie Reader said...

Love Game was an awesome. I love your voice. Great interview.

She said...

Good post. I love reading all genres of romance, the hotter the better. As I get older I like older heroines and heroes.

Cindy Jacks said...

Hugs back atcha, Tabs! Thanks for dropping by :)

Cindy Jacks said...

I'm so glad to hear the QF brothers have sparked your interest, Cassie. The shifters are one of my favorite projects!

Cindy Jacks said...

Aw, thanks so much, Harlie! Means a lot to me that you enjoy my voice. That's the best compliment a writer can receive!

Kienna Riley said...

Thank you all for stopping by. I just finished LEAP, Waking Maggie is next. Cindy Jacks is a very talented, witty and articulate writer. For those of you who are new to Cindy, I think you will quickly become a fan. Others - you know her well, I'm certain she won't disappoint with her latest work ;)

KatieO said...

Great interview, Cindy and Kienna. Congrats on your new book deal, Cindy!

Kienna Riley said...

Thank you all for stopping by this week! Cindy will choose a winner and one of you will be notified. Your comments are all appreciated ;)

Kienna Riley said...

Harlie Reader, YOU ARE the winner of Cindy Jacks' latest - Waking Maggie. We hope you enjoy:)

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